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Vintage Violin Musical Instrument Rochester Stringhouse William Etc !

$ 42

Seller Notes:“Please read "Item Description" in our listing!”
Brand:Franz forster 
Seller Notes:“Please read "Item Description" in our listing!”

Seller Description

Vintage Violin Musical Instrument Rochester Stringhouse William Etc !
Vintage Violin Musical Instrument Rochester Stringhouse William Etc !
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Item: We have an oldviolin! We received this violin from a local estate! The violin is marked on the inside "William...." (all we can read) with a Rochester String House sticker over it.
Information about for sale on this page. See price and photos of the
A great piece to restore!More neat stuff at our store!
Size and Makeup: approx. 22” long, and 81/2” wide (at widest point). Made of wood, etc.
Condition: Typical signs of use and age. Part of the scroll is broken off (we do not have it). Please see our photos. Still a nice-lookingold violin! Perfect to restore or for parts!
Markings: William.Rochester Stringhouse.
Feel free to email any questions!
Shipping: Buyer pays Ground Shipping cost from zip code 13212. Package weight is about 3pounds.
NY residents must pay 8% sales tax.
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Terms of Sale
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Item Information

Item ID: 645
Sale price: $ 42
location: Syracuse, New York, United States
Last update: 13.09.2021
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Vintage Violin Musical Instrument Rochester Stringhouse William Etc !
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