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West Penn Wire (454 22 Gauge) CMR Installation Mic/Line Bulk Cable - 1,000Ft Box

$ 134

Country/Region of Manufacture:United States
Cable Length:1000ft.
Brand:West penn wire
Suited For:Headphones, Microphone, Send/Return (Insert), Processor/Effect
Type:CMR Installation Cable

Seller Description

West Penn Wire (454 22 Gauge) CMR Installation Microphone/Line
Bulk Cable (1,000 ft. Pull Box ) -Free US Shipping
West Penn Wire 454 1-Pair 22Awg CMR Miniature Mic/Line Level Audio Cable
1,000 Ft Pull Box - Black - CMR Rated for Installations
This shieldedaudio cable iswell-suitedfor indoorapplications suich aspost production facilities, recording studios, sound, audio and more.Conductor: 22 AWG Tinned CopperStranding: 7x30Insulation Material: PolypropyleneInsulation Thickness: 0.008'' Nom.Number of Conductors: 2 (1 Pair)Shield: Bonded Overall 100% Aluminum FoilDrain: Stranded Tinned CopperJacket Material: PVCJacket Thickness: 0.020'' Nom.Overall Cable Diameter: 0.135'' Nom.Max.Capacitance Between Conductors @ 1 KHz: 34 pf/ft Nom.Capacitance Between Conductors to Shield @ 1 KHz: 67 pf/ft Nom.Flame Rating: UL 1685Equivalent to BELDEN 9451
Free Shipping to All USA including AK, HI, PRand other US Territories having a valid United States Postal Service Zip Code
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Item Information

Item ID: 612
Sale price: $ 134
location: Miami, Florida, United States
Last update: 13.09.2021
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West Penn Wire (454 22 Gauge) CMR Installation Mic/Line Bulk Cable - 1,000Ft Box
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