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WFL Copper Timbale Set Nickel Hardware

$ 395

 for Sale

Modified Item:Yes
Custom Bundle:No

Seller Description

WFL Copper Timbale Set Nickel Hardware. 6x10 & 6x13. These look like post WWII drums.Both drums out of round, but playable. 10" has calf head with skin tacked onto flesh hoop.13" has Remo Custom Fit coated Ambassador. Dings on edges, scratches, etc. Standardclip-on brackets, with Ludwig (early 60s) brackets installed to mount splash, cowbell.4 holes on bottom section of 13" looks like a bracket was there at some point.5 lugs on 10", 6 lugs on 13" in nickel, with nickel hoops.Continental US Buyer pays flat $38 shipping. Includes insurance.

Item Information

Item ID: 1684
Sale price: $ 395
location: Cardiff by the Sea, California, United States
Last update: 25.09.2021
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WFL Copper Timbale Set Nickel Hardware
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