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YAMAHA EZ-TP MIDI Duo Cable~6 Pin Mini Male-TO-5 Pin Females~3.3 Ft~NEW! LONGER!

$ 49

Country/Region of Manufacture:United States
Non-Domestic Product:No
MPN:Does Not Apply
Modified Item:No
For Instrument:EZ-TP Trumpet
UPC:Does Not Apply

Seller Description

YAMAHA EZ-TP MIDI Adaptor Duo Cable~3.3 Ft~USA Made~Best Quality Componets! NEW Longer Cable!
Transfer Performance Data Between EZ-TP & Other MIDI Devices! NEW PRICE! (Limited Time Offer!)
Easily ConnectsEZ Trumpet Mini Midi Out Connection to any TwoMale Midi Standard Cable
High QualityData Cable(This turns Your EZ-TP into a MIDI Controller)
Guaranteed towork!(Expand the Sounds of Your TP -Connect to: Music Keyboards, Synthesizers, Sequencers, Etc)
Original MIDI TP Cable is Impossible to Find,We Offer An Excellent Replacement!This EZ-TP MIDI Adaptor Duo Cable is designed to split the output signal from your EZ-TP to two separateMIDI Devices. You can then easily transition from one MIDIDeviceto the other without switching cables.PLEASE NOTE: Don't waste your time or cash oncables (which look similar) for PS2 Keyboards/Mice, Commodore 64 Atari AT, other Duo Midi Cables & the like.
Information about for sale on this page. See price and photos of the
Thosecables are wired complete different thanours & the originalEZ-TP MIDIcable. WARNING - Those Cheaper CablesWILL NOT WORK and may damage your Trumpet and or Sound/Tone Devices!
Here's what a recent customersaidaboutOUR great product -"All good, no problems, as described, shipped very fast"!Dave K.-NJ -Everything went well, (Excellent) after 4 years of buying junk cablesthat didn't work...(Finally found a reliable and high quality EZ-TP midi cable from this Seller) Thank You! - Fredo N. - MD
Purchase with complete confidencefroma TRUSTED Genuine USAEBAY SELLER WITH 100% POSITIVE FEEDBACK
FREE Delivery Confirmation!!! (USA only).
(Please check our other auctions.) WeAnswer AllQuestions.
Shipping:FREE USPS1st Class & Delivery Confirmationincluded - US only. $13.68 Air to Canada - only.We shipVERY FAST - same day of payment or next day,(except when USPS is not opened).Naturally all sales are final and no warranty is offered or implied.(See Return Policy Below)
PayPal payment is due within 3 days of auction closing, or the item may be removed from your order and sold to another eBayer and a non paying item strike will be issued by eBay Thank You!

Item Information

Item ID: 1103
Sale price: $ 49
location: Garrison, Minnesota, United States
Last update: 19.09.2021
Views: 3

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YAMAHA EZ-TP MIDI Duo Cable~6 Pin Mini Male-TO-5 Pin Females~3.3 Ft~NEW! LONGER!
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Ft~NEvW! ot~NEW! Fft~NEW! Ft~NnW! Ft~NdW! Ft~NxEW! Ft~NEcW! Ft~fNEW! Fth~NEW! Ft~NEz! Ft~yNEW! Ft~NjEW! Ft~NEWl! Ft~NbEW! Fmt~NEW! Ft~NEWs! Frt~NEW! Ft~NcEW! Ft~NmEW! Ft~NEy! Ft~NsW! xFt~NEW! Ft~NEj! Fh~NEW! fFt~NEW! FtxNEW! Fu~NEW! tFt~NEW! Ft~NEuW! Ftf~NEW! Ft~NEWc! Ft~mNEW! Ft~qNEW! Fkt~NEW! Ft~NkW! Ft~NEWt Ft~bNEW! Ft~jEW! Ft~NEn! Ft~sNEW! Fy~NEW! Ft~iEW! FtyNEW! Ft~NqEW! Ft~gNEW! Ft~mEW! Ft~NEWj Ft~NEx! st~NEW! Ft~NEt! Ft~NEW! pFt~NEW! rt~NEW! Ft~NEbW! Ft~NxW! Ft~NEWd! Ft~yEW! Ft~xEW! dt~NEW! Ft~gEW! at~NEW! Ftk~NEW! Ft~NEjW! Ft~NnEW! Ft~cEW! Ft~nNEW! Ft~NEs! FtmNEW! Ft~NEWv! Ft~NEWj! Ft~NcW! Fj~NEW! Ft~aEW! Fa~NEW! FtwNEW! gFt~NEW! Ft~NErW! Fts~NEW! qt~NEW! Ft~NEnW! Ft~zNEW! Ft~NElW! Fv~NEW! Ft~NEg! Ft~NEWk! xt~NEW! Ft~NEWn Ft~NaW! jt~NEW! Ft~NqW! Ft~NEWp vFt~NEW! FtiNEW! Fta~NEW! Ft~NiEW! bt~NEW! Ft~NsEW! Fwt~NEW! Ft~NEWz! Fti~NEW! Ft~NEb! Ft~NiW! wt~NEW! Ft~iNEW! Ftm~NEW! Ftz~NEW! Ft~NEw! Fn~NEW! mt~NEW! Ftj~NEW! Ftg~NEW! Ftp~NEW! FtdNEW! Ft~NaEW! Ft~NEu! FtqNEW! lFt~NEW! Fxt~NEW! Ft~NEWi! Ft~NrW! Ft~NlW! FtrNEW! Ft~NyW! Ft~NfW! Ft~NEWn! Fto~NEW! Ft~NEEW! Ftl~NEW! Fb~NEW! Ft~NEWb Ft~pNEW! Ft~NEm! nt~NEW! Ft~NEkW! Ft~NEWv Ft~hNEW! Ft~NzEW! vt~NEW! Ft~NEWx! Ft~NEiW! Ft~xNEW! Fi~NEW! Ft~uEW! Ft~~NEW! Ft~uNEW! Ft~NEWr! Ft5~NEW! Ft~NEWd Ft~NEp! Ft~NEa! Fst~NEW! Ff~NEW! Ftw~NEW! F6t~NEW! yt~NEW! Ft~NkEW! Ft~NuEW! Ftu~NEW! Ft~NEk! Ft~zEW! Ft~NoW! FtaNEW! lt~NEW! Ft~NpEW! hFt~NEW! Ft~NEWf gt~NEW! Ft~wEW! Ft~NjW! Ft~NEWh kFt~NEW! Ft~NEWc Ft~NtW! FtzNEW! FtjNEW! sFt~NEW! Ft~sEW! Ft~NEmW! Fat~NEW! Ft~oEW! Ft~NyEW! F5~NEW! dFt~NEW! Ft~fEW! Ft~rEW! Ft~NEoW! Ft~NEWg kt~NEW! Ft~jNEW! oFt~NEW! Fnt~NEW! Ft~NEWq! FtkNEW! Flt~NEW! FtlNEW! uFt~NEW! Fpt~NEW! FtsNEW! Ft~NhW! Ftt~NEW! Ft~NEWx Ftd~NEW! ct~NEW! Ft~NlEW! Ft~NEc! Ft~NdEW! Ft~NEl! Ft~NEWy jFt~NEW! Ftx~NEW! Ft~NgW! ht~NEW! Ft~NEWW! ft~NEW! Ft~NgEW! F6~NEW! Ft~NEWo Ft~NEzW! Ft~NEWf! Ft~NEWs Ft~NEWz Ft~NNEW! Ft~kEW! FtfNEW! Ft~NEWi Ft~NEWk Ftr~NEW! Fut~NEW! Ft~NtEW! FtvNEW! Ft~NExW! qFt~NEW! Ft~NEWw Ft~cNEW! Ft~NEgW! Ft~NEWa Ft~vNEW! Ft~hEW! Fvt~NEW! Ft~NEWt! Fty~NEW! Ft~NhEW! Ft~rNEW! zONGER! LONqER! uLONGER! LvONGER! LONyGER! LONGERt! LOgNGER! LONGERh! LONiER! LuONGER! LtONGER! LONGEt! xLONGER! LONGEuR! LONGtER! tONGER! fLONGER! LOaNGER! LkONGER! LONhGER! LOjGER! LONGqR! oLONGER! LkNGER! kLONGER! rONGER! LLONGER! LONGERi LONGERg LONGERi! LgNGER! LONGEsR! LONGwR! LONGERx LONGERm! cLONGER! LONGERr LONGsR! LONGlER! LONGEhR! LObNGER! yONGER! uONGER! LOrGER! LONGoR! LONGERu! LONGERq! LONuGER! cONGER! LONGERg! LONGEr! pONGER! LdONGER! LONGEx! LONGEvR! LoNGER! LONGrER! LpNGER! LONGEjR! LOwGER! LONGEh! LONGERr! LOvNGER! dLONGER! gONGER! kONGER! LONGoER! LiONGER! qONGER! sLONGER! LwONGER! pLONGER! gLONGER! LONGERb! LONgGER! LONbER! LONGERz! LONGvR! wLONGER! LmNGER! LONqGER! LONGEcR! LONGEa! LONGuR! LONGEtR! LOaGER! LOqNGER! LONGERv LOzGER! LOmGER! LONGEn! LiNGER! iONGER! bLONGER! LONGEwR! LONGEc! LONrER! LONoGER! LONbGER! LONGEyR! LnNGER! LONmGER! LONGEiR! LONGERd! LONlGER! LONGErR! LOhGER! LfNGER! aLONGER! LONiGER! LjNGER! LONGERn! LdNGER! nLONGER! LONGEo! LOoNGER! LOlNGER! LONGERp! LrONGER! LObGER! LONnER! LONGERt LlONGER! LONGqER! LONGEoR! LONGEnR! LONGlR! LONGfR! LONzGER! LONGERl mLONGER! LONxGER! LONGEER! LOqGER! LOnGER! LONGEp! LONGERj LONGERa! LONGyR! LONyER! LONGEaR! LzONGER! LONGzR! LONGERu LONzER! LONGERz LOdGER! LONGEg! LONGcER! LONdER! LxONGER! LONhER! LhONGER! fONGER! LOyNGER! LONoER! LsNGER! LONGERm hONGER! LOkGER! LONGERf! LONlER! LONGiR! LONGEy! LONGhR! LoONGER! LONmER! LONGpR! LOxGER! LONkER! LONGGER! LONGhER! LONGkR! qLONGER! LONGERl! LONGEb! tLONGER! LONGdER! LONjGER! LOrNGER! LOuNGER! LONGExR! LONGERc! LONGtR! LONkGER! LONGERx! LONGnR! bONGER! LONGuER! LONGEi! LONGERb rLONGER! LOoGER! LONGjER! LOcGER! LONGrR! LONfER! LOtNGER! LONsER! LONGaR! aONGER! LONGEd! LONGElR! iLONGER! wONGER! LOmNGER! LONGERw LONcER! LONGERh LONtER! LONtGER! LrNGER! LONjER! LzNGER! LcNGER! LONGfER! LONGERk LONGEw! LONGERw! LqNGER! jLONGER! LONvER! LOpNGER! LONGEbR! LONNGER! LOxNGER! yLONGER! LONGvER! LONGERy LOjNGER! LOiGER! lONGER! LbNGER! LONdGER! LONGEm! LnONGER! LbONGER! LONGgR! LOwNGER! LqONGER! LONGERa LONGERf LONGER!! LONGjR! LONGEqR! LONGpER! LONGdR! LONGEu! LONsGER! LOhNGER! LOnNGER! LONGnER! LONGEgR! LONGEk! LONGkER! LONGiER! LtNGER! LlNGER! LOfNGER! LONGERj! LONGERo LOtGER! LOyGER! dONGER! LOcNGER! LOzNGER! LyNGER! LOuGER! LONGEf! xONGER! LpONGER! LONGERq LONgER! LONGEq! LcONGER! LOvGER! LONGbR! LONGsER! LONGgER! LONaER! sONGER! LONrGER! LONGERR! LONGcR! vLONGER! LONGERs! LOdNGER! LOkNGER! LONGzER! LONGERd mONGER! vONGER! LhNGER! LONGEs! LONGERn LONcGER! lLONGER! LaONGER! LwNGER! LxNGER! LOgGER! LONGERs LONGaER! hLONGER! LONGxER! LaNGER! LONGEzR! LyONGER! LvNGER! zLONGER! LONxER! jONGER! LOiNGER! LONGwER! LONwER! LONpER! LsONGER! LONGmR! LONGERc LOlGER! LONGERv! LOONGER! LONuER! LONGEmR! nONGER! LOfGER! LONGERo! LONpGER! LONwGER! LfONGER! LONGEdR! LOpGER! LOsNGER! LuNGER! LONGERy! LONaGER! LONGEj! LONGERp LONnGER! LjONGER! LONGxR! LONGERk! LOsGER! LONGmER! LONfGER! LONGEz! LONvGER! LONGEfR! LONGyER! oONGER! LONGEl! LgONGER! LONGEkR! LmONGER! LONGEv! LONGbER! LONGEpR!