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Zildjian Cymbals NOS Promo Poster<>ONLY 1 I HAVE

$ 9

Condition:Open box
MPN:Does Not Apply
UPC:Does not apply

Seller Description

Up forgrabs is a NOS Zildjian promo posters which measures 18x28 inches. The poster is in great condition with no pin holes or rips and is suitable for framing to hang in thatoffice orstudio. THIS IS THE ONLY 1 I HAVE, BUY AS IS WITH NO RETURNS!
A great gift idea for any Zildjian fan!
Payment should be done within 3 days by PayPal.
I ship worldwide and everything goes First Class Mail and uninsured. I will be shipping the item to the address that is provided to me by PayPal or Ebay so please make sure your info is up to date and that your PayPal address has been confirmed.
Shipping time is usually between 4-7 days by First Class Mail International but some countries seem to take longer then others because how long it takes them to get it through customs.
The poster will be shipped in a very sturdy poster tube.
I will always combine shipping on items that can be combined together such as rolled items(Posters, Promo Ads, Etc..) and flat items(Promo Photos, Stickers, Catalogs or Magazines) and bulk items(Lanyards, Keychains, Hats or Shirts) so ifyou bid ondifferent types of items there will be more then one shipment.
I Expect All Winning Bids to be Honored
RESPONSIBILITY: Unless stated otherwise, full payment, including all shipping and insurance charges,are due via a payment method disclosed in this auction within 10 days of auction close. If not received, payment is considered delinquent 10 days after auction close.
COMMITMENT: I am committed to completing the transaction. I hold the winning bidder accountable for his/her winning bid. Placing a bid on this auction is a legally binding obligation.
ACCOUNTABILITY: Should the winning bidder become delinquent in settling the transaction, I will go through the Non-Paying Bidder procedure through Ebay.
Information about for sale on this page. See price and photos of the

Item Information

Item ID: 15
Sale price: $ 9
location: Chandler, Arizona, United States
Last update: 6.09.2021
Views: 4
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Zildjian Cymbals NOS Promo Poster<>ONLY 1 I HAVE
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