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Zildjian Scimitar 14 inch 36 cm Hi Hat Cymbal Set Lot 66-02

$ 49

Type:Hi Hats
Item Diameter:14 inch
MPN:Does Not Apply
Seller Notes:“Used Condition”

Seller Description

Zildjian Scimitar 14 inch 36 cm Hi Hat Cymbal Set
Zildjian Scimitar 14 inch 36 cm Hi Hat Cymbal Set. Please see pics for condition, no cracks or keyholing. We only wipe down cymbals since everyone has their ownpreferenceswith cleaning and polishing cymbals. Need additional info, pics, cymbal weights, etc, please feel free to message me.
Jersey Guitar & Music ships worldwide!! International buyers pay actual ship charges. Feel free to contact me for a ship quote. International buyers please be aware that your country might impose duties and/or taxes and that is not part of postal shipping fees.
(Lot 66-02)

Item Information

Item ID: 835
Sale price: $ 49
location: Jackson, New Jersey, United States
Last update: 15.09.2021
Views: 0

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Zildjian Scimitar 14 inch 36 cm Hi Hat Cymbal Set Lot 66-02
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